Makeup that evens out skin tone – how to do it?

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Uneven skin tone is a problem for many women. Discolorations are unsightly and lower our self-esteem. However, with the right makeup you can effectively hide them – find out how!

It is estimated that up to 35% of women over 30 and about 90% of those over 50 struggle with facial discoloration. So the problem is quite common. Where do unsightly spots come from? They can be genetically predetermined, although they often result from improper skin care. Their occurrence is also influenced by hormones (often pregnant women struggle with them), taking certain medications, UV radiation or endocrine disorders. Changes in the color of parts of the face are the result of uneven accumulation of melanin in skin cells. Fortunately, in many cases you can get rid of them by taking appropriate action. So it is worth to consult a dermatologist. Every therapy, however, takes some time. That is why it is worth knowing how to hide blemishes with makeup

Perfect complexion – foundation and concealer are important

When doing the make-up, the basis is the proper selection and application of the foundation. Unfortunately, this is often quite a problem. In the case of discoloration, you should choose a concealing fluid, which provides very good coverage. Additionally, a concealer is obligatory. In this case, a beige shade and a peach-colored makeup base will do. You should also know that there are special bases available on the market that improve skin tone. As for foundation, the right shade is crucial. Make-up artists encourage using testers and consultants in drugstores. The shade of foundation should perfectly blend with our skin. It is a big mistake to check the color on your wrist as the skin here has a different shade than on the face. It is better to apply foundation on the cheek or jaw. When using concealer, it is best to apply it only on the spot you want to camouflage. We pat it in, carefully smearing it on the sides

Brush or sponge for makeup?

Once you’ve chosen the right shade of fluid, it’s important to apply it correctly on your face. If we choose a brush, the best choice is kabuki, which is the one with a slightly rounded head, flat – so called “tongue” or flat top – with truncated flat head. Before applying makeup with a brush, it is a good idea to slightly moisten it. Simply spray the top with thermal water or mist and apply foundation using stamping motions, then blend in circular motions. You need to do everything gently – pressing the brush against your skin too hard may cause the fluid to penetrate the brush bristles, which will not give you the coverage you need

A sponge, or beauty blender, is slightly easier to use. Just moisten it a bit (so that it does not absorb the foundation), apply a bit of foundation and stamp it onto your face. Do not smudge the product. Sponges are properly shaped, which makes it easier to reach hard to reach places. When you apply one layer of fluid with the sponge and find that it does not cover the spots perfectly, then it is worth repeating the activity

Take care of blush, bronzer and highlighter

Once our skin tone is unified, we can move on to applying blush, bronzer and highlighter. Many women with hyperpigmentation fear that this last cosmetic will accentuate their problem. Not at all! If we properly apply a camouflage powder, highlighter is highly recommended – it will add glow to our make-up and give our complexion a healthy look. Apply it not only to your cheeks but also to the tip of your nose and your cupid’s bow. This will give your complexion a healthy and radiant look

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