Tulum – the favorite holiday destination of celebrities

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This is where the show business stars are now spending their vacations. Celebrities have fallen in love with the Mexican town of Tulum, which has become a real holiday resort!

Tulum – paradise on Earth!

Forget about Maldives or Zanzibar. Mexican Tulum has become a destination coveted by the world’s celebrities! Days and nights spent in a true paradise seem to be an ideal option for a vacation from responsibilities. Anyone visiting the Yucatan Peninsula should check out Tulum to see if it really is that great. It is great and even better! How do we know this? Just take a look at social media. Natalia Siwiec and Blanka Lipinska, among others, like to relax in Tulum

Where did the popularity of Tulum come from?

It’s all because of the Coronavirus pandemic, which greatly reduced travel options. For a long time, traveling around the world was virtually impossible, and then some countries gradually opened up to tourists. Mexico was one such destination, so it lured those with the ability to travel, among which are certainly our celebrities. Natalia Siwiec loved Tulum so much that she even has a house there!

Beautiful beaches and historic ruins

The Mexican sun tempts all lovers of a fabulous tan. Lounging on the amazing beaches in and around Tulum will definitely help everyone relax and forget about their daily worries! This destination is very popular especially in winter, because it’s a recipe for a perfect vacation while temperatures in the country are frightening. A lazy day on a paradise beach is a real dream. If someone would like to do some sightseeing, there is also such an opportunity in Tulum. The town is famous for its Mayan city ruins. This is an amazing sight and a real treat for people who do not want to miss out on such an attraction during their trip. Many people believe that the Mayan city ruins, which can be seen in Tulum, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Such a recommendation is tempting!

A bike tour will do the job!

The best way to explore Tulum and the surrounding area? Get on a bike! Two wheels are really popular there. Bikes are available in many places in Tulum and you can easily rent one to reach many fascinating places. Along the main road, a comfortable bike path awaits you, from where you will enjoy stunning views.

Local food at every turn

What’s a trip if you don’t try the local food? Mexican cuisine tempts with a multitude of flavors and smells, and it just so happens that in Tulum you will encounter restaurants and food stalls virtually everywhere. Interestingly, such a pleasure is not particularly expensive! In addition to food, such as nachos, seafood and chocolate, it’s also worth trying the drinks, led by the local margherita

Celebrities and Tulum

Polish celebrities loved Mexican Tulum so much that they started to be called tulumiaras online. Interesting term, right? Instagram is flooded with photos of Polish show business stars who decided to rest on the paradise beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. Only a dozen years ago, not so popular Tulum has become besieged as never before. Celebrities such as Malgorzata Rozenek and her family reported in detail about their stay there. Marcelina Zawadzka has also been enjoying the charms of Mexico recently.

That’s where the best Insta pics are made!

As you know, photos published on social media are a big deal in the lives of celebrities. The perfect shot is worth its weight in gold. In Tulum it is not difficult to get a beautiful photo. We still remember the breathtaking views published by Blanka Lipinska.

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