Stationary or online – where is better to buy clothes?

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Is it possible to say unequivocally which form of shopping is better? We collect advantages and disadvantages of stationary and online shopping.

Pandemic has caused a significant acceleration in the development of online commerce. More and more companies decide to run an online store and promote themselves online. Online shopping, of course, has not completely displaced stationary shopping, but it has convinced many new customers. In 2020, the most frequently purchased goods online were clothes.

Stationary shopping

Shopping in a mall or local boutique is a completely different experience than throwing products into a virtual shopping cart. First of all, many of us treat shopping as a form of entertainment combined with a visit to the cinema, beautician or arcade. Often such a trip is crowned with a trip to a cafe or a dinner at a restaurant. It is a nice way to spend time with friends and family.

The most important advantage of stationary shopping is the physical possibility of seeing the product and trying it on. This allows us to realistically assess whether the clothes fit us. We can check whether the item is not damaged and we are sure that we will get what we have chosen, which is not always obvious in the case of online orders.

When buying clothes in stationary stores, we do not have to spend money on delivery or wait for the courier. There are many situations when we urgently need to buy an outfit for some occasion and waiting for delivery is not an option. It is also worth noting that not all stores sell online. For many start-ups it is not possible due to lack of sufficient time and staff.

Shopping malls also offer many additional services that can make stationary shopping an enjoyable experience. In one place, you can buy a dress for a friend’s wedding, go to the gym, have lunch in the restaurant area and relax in a massage chair. Families can take advantage of the children’s playroom or the parent-child room. Shopping with a stylist is also a great convenience for many people lodz Gallery the restaurant offers consultations with an image expert who will help to choose fashionable clothes according to the customer’s needs and figure. While you are there, you can take advantage of the laundry and shoe frother to clean your shoes.

Shopping online

The group of supporters of online clothing shopping is growing steadily. This is due to competitive prices, greater choice and saving time that would be spent on commuting and walking around the mall. With just a few clicks we have access to stores all over the world. We are not subjected to checkout and fitting room queues. This is especially important in times of pandemonium, as avoiding crowded places keeps us safer.

With the development of technology, online stores have started to introduce new features to support the zero waste movement. A good example is the DIWU store, which offers to buy new clothes made from eco-friendly materials. The whole magic is that with the help of an online wizard you can personalize them and actually become the designer of your own product. Moreover, all clothes purchased from the brand’s store are upcyclable. A given product can be re-dyed and given a second life. Check out the brand’s offerings and learn more about personalizing clothing at

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