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Gua sha – the trendy stone tile massage

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Have you heard of gua sha yet? It’s a great treatment for many skin problems that is becoming increasingly popular.

The gua sha plate is a real revelation, which we owe to traditional Chinese medicine. The jade facial massage plate is used by people who care about such effects as improving skin elasticity or reducing the visibility of wrinkles. It is also a great way to relax and unwind after a hard day, so it can serve you well in your home spa!

Use a gua sha plate massage to remove accumulated toxins, as well as to oxygenate and relax your muscles. Interestingly, it also has properties that speed up the body’s repair processes such as wound healing, among others. Although gua sha and facial massage roller have a lot in common, the plate is a much more advanced gadget. It is slowly becoming a beauty must have.

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