Care for suede shoes – what to remember?

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We choose suede shoes because of their undeniable elegance. They stand out from the rest, but it often happens that they do not even last a season. Why? It turns out that few people know how to take care of suede shoes. It’s worth learning a few tips so that your beautiful suede shoes will still be the same next year.

Waterproofing suede shoes

There’s no denying that without this step, which you should take right after buying the shoes, your suede shoes won’t last very long – and certainly not in perfect condition. Waterproofing is the key to having beautiful, properly cared for shoes. You’ve probably heard about the need to waterproof leather shoes. In case of suede or nubuck the situation is the same! As soon as you buy new shoes, you should apply an impregnating agent appropriate for the material. As a result, your shoes will be resistant to moisture and dirt, and their color will remain intense for a long time. Remember that waterproofing is not a one-time activity. Check the label on your product to see how often you should reapply. To impregnate shoes in a safe way, it is best done outside, where you spray your new pair of stilettos or court shoes from a distance of several centimeters. You then need to wait for the material to absorb all of the substance

Frequent cleaning

The fact that suede shoes get much dirtier than smooth leather shoes makes many people give up buying them. Of course, if you have previously waterproofed your shoes, you shouldn’t have much problem cleaning them. How to do it? First of all, you need the right shoe brush. Pay attention to whether the manufacturer writes that it is suitable for cleaning suede. A brush made of soft bristle will work great. Keep in mind that if you buy the right brush, it will be able to comb out even dried mud, not to mention dust or delicate dirt. Another accessory worth buying is an eraser for suede. Just like an eraser, it will wipe off fine dirt so that not even the slightest trace is left!

The scent of cedar

Equally important in suede shoe care is proper storage. It’s not enough to put it back in the shoe cabinet after entering the apartment. It is worth investing in shoe lasts, thanks to which shoes will not lose their cut much longer. How do shoe lasts work? They not only keep leather in natural tension, which allows to get rid of folds created during everyday shoe wear, but also help in drying the shoes. Our foot sweats, especially in the summer months, and suede soaks up moisture. Wooden riders absorb it and let it evaporate, that is why it is so important to use them right after returning home. This significantly reduces the growth of microorganisms and the risk of skin disease. In addition, by opting for cedar wood slippers, you are guaranteed a beautiful, natural scent of this tree that can float throughout your home.

Shoe insoles

No matter what kind of shoes you own, you probably use insoles. These can serve a variety of functions, but in the case of suede shoes, it is primarily important to absorb moisture and unpleasant odors. Regardless of whether we are talking about summer or winter shoes, our feet sweat, and sweat means moisture. It’s a good idea to invest in shoe inserts that will protect your suede shoes from absorbing sweat. There are leather insoles and latex insoles available on the market, the latter of which can also act as an antibacterial, keeping your shoes from forming bacteria.

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