Victorian and baroque style shirts – who do they serve best?

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Victorian style originated and was extremely fashionable in the 19th century. Its phenomenon has survived until today. Today women love to draw inspiration from it when creating their hairstyles. More and more often its elements are smuggled onto fashion catwalks. This season baroque and Victorian style shirts are extremely popular.

What are the characteristics of Victorian style?

The clothes of the British royal family have always been followed by the media, almost as much as their political actions. The style takes its name from Queen Victoria, who ascended to the throne in 1837. She became famous for her taste not only in Great Britain, but also around the world, as she dressed sensationally. At first, Victorian fashion was characterized by dresses on frames, sumptuous clothing and corsets that restrained the figure. Heavy fabrics such as velvet, tulle, and lace were prevalent, adding extra weight to the figure

Victorian style derived from the Baroque was full of rich ornamentation, stones, and crystals. Gowns were adorned with gilded embroidery and buff sleeves. The 19th century was very similar to the Baroque in terms of ornamentation. The era was characterized by unusual embellishment of the body, dresses were adorned with visible details, which then carried over to the Victorian style. What has been smuggled from these styles in current fashion? Still popular today are boat necklines, stand-up collars, jabots, bouffant sleeves, lace and embroidered embellishments. Today, heavy dresses are no longer worn, they have been replaced by skirts and shirts. Most often it is the richly decorated shirts that play the main role in Victorian styles

Victorian and Baroque style – for whom?

It is well known that shirts should be tailored to your figure. Clothes in Victorian and Baroque style are richly decorated, have strong colors and are eye-catching. They will not be suitable for every woman

Shirt for a woman with wide hips and narrow waist

Women with such a figure usually have a silhouette called a pear. They are characterized by wide hips, a narrow waist and a flat stomach. In this case it is worth to get fond of Victorian and Baroque style. Just be careful not to overdo it. With wide hips, a richly decorated shirt gives proportion to the figure. Puffed sleeves compensate for the difference in the width of shoulders and hips, and draw the eye to the upper parts of the body. If you choose a shirt with decoration, it is worth paying attention to the height of the decoration. Gold embroidery looks beautiful in the bust area, but in the lower part of the garment it draws the eye too much to wide hips. Victorian shirts look great when matched with flared skirts. The whole style conceals wide hips and draws attention to the richly decorated top. It is not recommended to choose shirts in strong colors – bright colors look best on this silhouette

Shirt for petite women

Victorian and baroque style shirts seem to be made for women with a petite body shape. This figure is characterized by narrow hips and shoulders and small bust. Because of the filigree appearance, women can wear almost anything. The shortcomings of the figure include a lack of a well-defined waist, but this can be quickly disguised. It is enough to choose richly decorated shirts with binding at the waist. In this case styles with V-shaped necklines, baroque jabots and ruffles will do. Such details optically enlarge the bust, making the figure take on a visibly feminine shape

For which figures are Victorian and Baroque style shirts not made?

Unfortunately, richly embellished shirts are not for everyone. They are especially discouraged for women who have very broad shoulders. Buffets and additional decorations only draw attention to the upper part of the body, thus distorting the proportions of the figure. Women with more pronounced curves in the stomach area should also avoid them. Rich ornaments, laces and frills broaden the silhouette and make body weaknesses more visible

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