Dopamine dressing – what is the concept?

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Clothing not only affects how others perceive us, but also the way we perceive ourselves. Dopamine dressing is a trend that can help us improve our mood during lockdown.

What is dopamine dressing? Clothes and dopamine

Dopamine dressing is an interesting psychological concept that says that the way we dress affects the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in our brain. A yellow sweater can make us feel better, and a red dress increases the chances that a first date will result in a successful and lasting relationship… although it sounds a bit ridiculous at first glance, these assumptions make perfect sense and have been scientifically proven in many experiments that researchers on the subject have conducted. That being said, does what we put on during a pandemic really affect our mood? Let’s find out!

Dopamine dressing and the researchers’ stance

Carolyn Mair, author of the popular book “The Psychology of Fashion” believes that all organoleptic aspects of clothing items that affect our senses, such as:

  • hearing (e.g., the clatter of high heels as we walk),
  • smell (e.g. the characteristic odour emitted by natural leather),
  • touch (the texture of drapes),
  • sight (the degree of saturation of colors in clothes, combinations of prints).

They influence not only how we are perceived by our surroundings, but also how we see ourselves

Dopamine dressing and current fashion trends

How do the fashion trends for 2021 relate to the concept of dopamine dressing? Do the biggest designers offer us clothes, shoes and accessories this season that are in line with this concept? Yes! Intense colors, which are supposed to stimulate the brain to an increased production of dopamine, appeared during the fashion week in Paris, Milan, Copenhagen, Berlin, London up to New York.

Dopamine dressing on the catwalk – major brands go with the concept

Refreshing lemon sorbet (Versace collection, Collina Strada), salmon with peach undertones (Dior collection), intense fuchsia (Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana collections), deep, saturated carmine and ocean blue (Boss, Max Mara, Hermes collections). This is a group of the most desired colors that should be in our closet, especially during a pandemic. Taking seriously the thesis of scientists, these colors will positively affect our mood and creativity, and if not… at least we will diversify our closet with new styles.

Dopamine dressing – an unusual weapon in the fight for good mood

If we prefer a conservative style of dressing, and in our closet dominated by neutral colors, nothing is lost – there is no point in forcing ourselves into sparkling and energetic colors. According to the concept of dopamine dressing, the approach to building a closet should take into account our individualism. If we wear a pink sweater with yellow dots, while hating those colors – our mood will certainly not improve.

In conclusion, we hope this article will help you make your outfits more cheerful and colourful. Let’s remember that a thoughtful, colorful outfit is just one of the many tools to deal with depression in tough pandemic times. No matter what style of dress we prefer, let’s make sure that what we wear puts a smile on our face and makes us feel good about ourselves

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