Style of American women. How do they dress in NYC and LA?

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The United States is for many people a determinant of world trends. Check out how girls on the streets of New York and Los Angeles dress – a real source of fashion inspiration for each of us! Maybe you will discover trends that will delight you?

It has not been known for a long time that the United States is in many cases the place where trends are born. It is the streets of major American cities that set the direction in which the whole world later goes!

What is the secret of style of girls from the USA? It is … not caring too much about trends. Yes, seriously! They just be themselves, bet on laid-back, comfortable and self-expression. Do you want that too? Let’s take a look at the streets of New York and Los Angeles to see what is worn there.

New York – what style rules there?

One of the most recognizable cities of the United States is associated with the iconic Sex in the City. So it must be fashionable in New York, we see no other option! Many of us followed with bated breath the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends, who roamed the New York streets in super-fashionable clothes and designer shoes. How does this relate to the style of today’s female residents of New York?

You probably won’t find more colorful street styles anywhere. Residents and residents of New York are masters in combining a variety of clothes and accessories. Currently on the streets of this city rules oversize, but a strong visible trend is also all kinds of transparency. If someone wants to see what the body positive trend looks like in real life – he should also look through the photos from the streets of New York. 

People living there are not afraid of uncovering the body, reaching for flashy colors, but also simply playing with style. Women and men reach for subdued clothes to liven up the styling with extravagant accessories. Because the most important thing is to be yourself, not to reproduce, but to create fashion. It’s worth thinking about it … and applying it!

Los Angeles – what’s up with the girls from California?

From New York, it’s time to move to sunny California, to the streets of Los Angeles. It is teeming with celebrities there – both aspiring and the most famous. What characterizes the street style of this city?

It’s hard to pinpoint one dominant attitude, although one can certainly detect a fascination with a healthy lifestyle there. Los Angeles residents often look as if they are just on their way to or returning from the gym – and in many cases, this is indeed the case.

LA never sleeps, but it also never blindly follows fashion. So bikers, denim bells, short tops, stylish sneakers – these are the clothes that dominate there. Due to the high temperatures, many people explore the body. Theoretically flamboyant California nevertheless opts for a natural look, which is evident in the hairstyles and makeup of the people who can be found there.

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