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Trendy hairstyles for hot days

PARIS, FRANCE - JULY 01: Xenia Adonts wears earrings, a black top, a sleeveless white jacket, gray shorts, a dark gray Hermes Kelly bag, during the Twilly By Hermes : Launch Party In Paris, on July 01, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)
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Clothes for summer should look good. But they also need to be comfortable and breathable. We like to introduce you to styles, which are both fashionable and comfortable to wear

Focus on the fabric

To get the right summer outfit, you need to pay attention to the fabric of your outfit. This is because it affects the comfort on hot days. Avoid materials that contain nylon, polyester or acrylic. If you choose them, then even the best styling, may turn out to be unsuccessful. Materials that are worth paying attention to are cotton and linen. Other fabrics that are worth choosing in summer are jersey and viscose

A good and versatile clothing material for summer is cotton. It allows the skin to breathe and is very breathable. It is often found in stores, but you have to pay attention to the label to find it. If you have a choice, it is worth betting on organic cotton. It is grown in an organic way. In addition, this material is resistant to fast rubbing. For example, it is worth betting on basic T-shirts made of this fabric. They can be the basis of your styling. It is a good element needed to compose a capsule closet. You can match them with high-waisted fabric shorts. Oversize versions are trendy right now. A plain t-shirt in white or black will also go well with short jeans pants. You can also buy various cotton crop tops and shoulder blouses in stores. They too are a versatile base piece.

A great fabric for summer is linen. It is a good material for allergy sufferers. It is very breathable and gives a feeling of coolness. Clothes made of linen are very fashionable this season. You can find them in many variations. The most popular are shorts, skirts, dresses and shirts with short sleeves. They go great with cotton and satin fabrics. You can style summer linen dresses in different ways. You can try a midi version, a shirt version, or a strapless mini version. The trendy colors this season are definitely shades of beige and white. They work especially well with this fabric. Such dresses will match with different shoes. You can choose them depending on your style. Sandals on a low pole, espadrilles or sneakers will work great here. Complete the look with a baguette bag, which is very popular this year. Braided bags also go well with linen clothes.

Footwear the centerpiece of your outfit

Good footwear can be the best part of any outfit. If you opt for this season’s trendy ones, they will perfectly highlight your styling. For example, you can choose women’s sandals. Opt for the ones with a stiletto heel or a heel. It doesn’t have to be high at all. They add a bit of class and elegance. They work great with summer, flowy dresses, but also with wide pants. Perfectly harmonizes with mini skirts, as well as with those in a longer version. If you want to draw attention to them, choose intense colors. For example, these can be shades of red, blue or purple. White sandals are also an intriguing version. They will go well with pastel-colored closet pieces

Flip-flops of all kinds are extremely popular this season. They are appropriate for everyday wear. Also, they will match with many styles. You can choose different versions, for example, heeled, leather or flip-flops with fur. Match them with a floral dress or different ensembles. Match your shorts with a blouse. It is best if they are in the same color and pattern. Such sets work well in linen or satin versions. It is also fashionable to choose a skirt to match the blouse. Such ensembles give a relaxed and girly feel

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