3 ideas for boho hairstyles

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Boho style means patterned clothes, airy fabrics and natural materials. These are the basis of hippie hairstyles. Here are 3 examples of boho hairstyles.

What are the characteristics of the boho look?

One of the characteristics of this style is loose-fitting clothing. It is a hippie look combined with laid-back femininity and originality. Long, flowery dresses, linen shirts and frayed trouser legs are characteristic for boho style. Clothes are usually made of natural fabrics, i.e. cotton and linen, and have expressive colors and patterns.

Boho style is suitable for all seasons and was created for all women. Among the many accessories and clothes each lady is sure to find something for herself.

Boho style – how to wear it?

Fashion in this style allows you to be creative. Boho looks should be worn casually and imaginatively. Whatever the occasion and whatever the age, boho fashion is romantic and colourful. For less adventurous ladies, a good solution will be to focus on one boho element and combine it with a more classic base. For women who are not afraid to stand out, the recommended style is the whole maintained in this style.

The simplest style, the dress

Boho style dresses are long, flowy, often loose. Patterns and colors are necessary. This type of models are most popular especially in spring and autumn, but boho dresses also work well in autumn and winter.

In summer, wear sandals with the dress, and on colder days – suede boots, flat or on a platform. Over the dress you can throw on a suede ramones, loose-fitting cardigan or denim jacket.

Boho dresses are also becoming increasingly popular in wedding fashion. Brides, whose wedding ceremony will take place outdoors, can reach for dresses with lace or openwork trim. Pastel flowers, colors in shades of pink, yellow and blue will be an ideal solution for ladies going to the wedding. Combined with stiletto sandals and a braided handbag, this style is sure to attract attention. A large selection of boho dresses can be found on Lou’s website: https://lou.pl/pl/menu/sukienki/rodzaj/boho-449.html.

To work

Although boho style is a casual style, by combining clothes with the right accessories, it can also become an elegant version. In this case you can confidently wear boho style even to work.

Pencil skirt with ethnic patterns combined with a classic white blouse and black stilettos will be a great solution to the office or an important meeting. A floral dress will look great with a black jacket and boots – such styling will be very chic even in more formal circumstances.

The jacket can be easily replaced with a denim jacket, which looks especially good with dresses in small floral print.

A little more fancy

Dresses with floral prints are classic for boho style, but skirts with floral prints are also a great option. It is a perfect solution especially for summer, but combined with leather boots it will also be good for winter and autumn. Add a belt at the waist and a fringed handbag to complete the look. Top off the outfit with a soft coat or, when temperatures are higher, a short suede or denim jacket.

The modern version of boho style is all about playing with proportions. Do not be afraid of combining thin and thick fabrics, short and long cuts. This will allow you to create an elegant outfit for the office or for a meeting.

Main photo: Luiz Fernando/pexels.com

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