Top 7 effective cosmetics to fight discoloration

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Discoloration is a fairly common and not very aesthetic problem. Fortunately, in many cases they can be removed. All you need is the right cosmetics – we suggest which ones!

When spots appear on the face which are slightly darker than the natural shade of the skin – many people (especially women) panic. It does not look aesthetic and it can be masked by using only highly opaque cosmetics. Here are the best products to help even out your skin tone!

Where does discoloration come from?

Discoloration is very often an unpleasant “after holiday” souvenir. Stains often appear as a result of excessive skin exposure to the sun. Many times they are also the result of hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause. They also occur in the case of endocrine disorders or as a result of certain medications. It also happens that their appearance is genetically determined and there are no specific causes. One thing is certain – whenever we notice spots on our face, no matter how many and how big they are, we want to get rid of them quickly. However, it is worth trying to prevent them. First of all, avoid excessive skin exposure to the sun. If we sunbathe, we should not forget about the creams with UV filters. The cream that we use every day under makeup should also contain SPF50.

In the fight against hyperpigmentation can help the right cosmetics. We have selected the best of them:

1. Iluma Intense Brightening Creme – Image Skincare

Cream quickly and effectively lightens discolorations caused by hyperpigmentation and skin aging. Its Vectorize-Technology formula evens out the color and makes the complexion look healthy and radiant. It also contains Daisy Extract, DermaPep and Synovea to optimise melanogenesis. It is worth knowing that the active ingredients contained in the product are released for up to two days!

2. White Lightning Serum – iS Clinical

The serum quickly lightens hyperpigmentation. The unique formula reduces melanin synthesis and promotes exfoliation of dead skin. The cosmetic helps to deal with other skin problems – inflammations or blackheads. It can be used on the whole body, not just the face. It has a pleasant texture and does not leave a greasy film on the skin

3. SkinBrite Brightening and Whitening Cream – Dermaquest

This cream has an anti-aging effect and also helps in the fight against hyperpigmentation. It contains hexylresorcinol, vitamin C, kojic acid dipalmitate, melanostatin peptide 5 and an extract of bearberry and white mulberry. The cream perfectly nourishes the skin, regenerates it, firms, seals blood vessels and stimulates cells to produce collagen. The cosmetic can be used even after strong facial treatments such as laser therapy

4. Cleansing and brightening pigment Bar – PCA Skin

The preparation is rich in kojic and azelaic acids. Quickly and effectively evens out the skin tone, cleanses and smoothes. In its composition we can also find moisturizing and irritation-soothing niacinamide. It can also be used by people who want to get rid of blackheads

5. Pigment Gel HQ Free Serum – PCA Skin

One of the most powerful products that lightens different types of hyperpigmentation – sun spots or those resulting from inflammation. The product even removes freckles! Its effectiveness is due to the unique composition, which includes kojic acid, azelaic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol. The serum also has peeling properties. When used regularly, it guarantees smooth, healthy and cleansed skin

6. Retinol Booster – Paula’s Choice

The booster contains 1% retinol. Thanks to this, it rejuvenates the skin, helps fight acne, and on top of that, lightens hyperpigmentation and evens out skin tone. It also fights inflammation, enlarged pores and blackheads. The cosmetic contains extracts from oats and licorice root, which intensify the brightening effect.

7. Brightening Cream Creme PIGM 400 – Biologique Recherche

A cream that quickly gets rid of discolorations and also prevents their formation. The cosmetic makes the skin radiant, illuminated and takes on a fresh and youthful appearance.

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