What is endodontics?

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Dentistry is constantly evolving, and as a result, endodontic treatment is painless in most cases. But what exactly is endodontics and when should you undergo it?

What is endodontics?

It is a branch of dentistry that deals with diseases of dental pulp and periapical tissues. In other words, endodontic treatment is nothing else than root canal therapy. It is used when advanced dental caries leads to pulp infection.

The dentist removes dead or infected pulp from the tooth canals, expands and disinfects them and then fills them tightly with special material. Root canal treatment is usually performed under local anesthesia, using radiological control and special dental magnifiers or an endodontic microscope.

When to make an appointment?

Endodontic treatment is recommended in the case of irreversible inflammation of the dental pulp, as well as deep carious cavities. However, if there is pulp necrosis, fracture or dislocation of the tooth, or if there are prosthetic indications, for example, before making a bridge or crown, root canal treatment should also be implemented.

It is also used in case of inflammation of periapical tissues and when the first root canal treatment was performed incorrectly and complications occurred.

Endodontic tools

Special endodontic tools, such as a microscope and endometer, are used in root canal treatment. Various professional dental accessories and tools, including endodontic tools, are offered by e-meditrans.

Treatment with an endometer allows for precise measurement of the depth of the canals, and with a microscope – a thorough look at the inside of the tooth and canals. X-rays are a very important element of diagnostics in root canal treatment.

Microscopic endodontics

Root canal treatment of teeth with the use of a microscope very often allows to avoid tooth extraction. Currently, this method of treatment is considered one of the most accurate that dentistry offers. The microscope provides up to 25 times magnification and such lighting that it is possible to work out the canals precisely.

Thanks to the magnification of the treated tooth, the dentist can clean the root canal system very precisely, and this is essential for the success of the treatment. The microscope also allows shortening the treatment time and increasing the guarantee of filling tightness.

Stages of root canal treatment

At the beginning, the endodontist, based on the results of clinical examination and X-ray, decides on the course of action. It is important to remove carious lesions, and then, after poisoning or after administering a strong anesthetic, the infected pulp is removed from the canals and tooth chamber. The doctor also removes bacterial toxins and prepares the canals for filling. After disinfecting and drying the canals, they are filled tightly, usually with gutta-percha. In the last stage, the crown of the tooth is reconstructed. This is done by using a light-curing material or by restoring a ceramic or metal-porcelain crown.

In justified cases, root canal treatment is carried out under full anaesthesia, and in all cases – under local anaesthesia. This makes it painless.

How much does it cost?

Root canal treatment is very effective and very often allows you to keep a tooth, which previously would have been eligible for removal. This type of treatment is not cheap, but it is worth it to keep your teeth in good condition. Depending on the dental office, you pay about 200-300 zloty for the preparation and filling of a cavity, while the need for root canal treatment is often twice the cost.

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