How to choose underwear under a dress?

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Underwear is an integral part of every woman’s closet. Well-fitted allows you to feel confident and attractive. But how to choose it well? We present a few of our ways to make underwear lie perfectly under a dress.

Underwear is like our second skin – you should feel attractive and confident in it. It’s especially important when you’re wearing a tight-fitting dress. We tell you how to choose the right underwear to fit your body perfectly

How to choose panties to go with a dress?

Let’s start with how to choose panties for a tight style. Ill-fitting ones will show through, creating an unattractive and un-elegant indentation on your dress. If you want to avoid this, pay special attention to choosing the right size when buying underwear. A size that is too small will cause the panties to create ugly lines on your body, which will also be visible on your clothes. On the other hand, if the panties are too loose, there is a risk of folds appearing under the dress

Apart from the right size, the model of panties is also very important. Thongs are best as they are completely invisible even under a very tight dress. However, if you are not the biggest fan of this type of lingerie, a good alternative may also be classic panties and bras made of delicate lace or seamless models. In many cases, the edges of such panties are laser-cut, which makes them very thin and practically invisible under clothing

The perfect bra under a dress

As for the choice of bra, it depends primarily on the model of the dress. For those with a deeper neckline a smooth push-up model will suit best. For a strapless dress, a band bra or a stick-on bra will work perfectly. Such a self-supporting underwear will also work well under backless dresses. Remember, however, that in the case of this type of bra, attention should be paid to ensure that it fits tightly to the bust. On the other hand, if you are planning to wear a bodycon dress, corrective underwear will be the best choice, which will hide the existing figure imperfections. If the dress is made of thin fabrics, opt for a seamless bra. Don’t forget to choose the color of your underwear as well. The safest choice will certainly be the flesh-colored one, but classic black will also look good with many outfits. If you are wearing a dress with dark colors and made of slightly thicker material, you can also choose more vivid colors of underwear.

Date underwear

Choosing your underwear is always important, but it is especially important if you are going on a date. After all, nothing gives you more confidence than knowing that you have a sensual set under your clothes. So make sure your underwear highlights all your assets, but doesn’t reveal too much at the same time. Remember also to match your panties to your bra in terms of color and style. And if you want to feel even more seductive, erotic lingerie decorated with tiny bows, frills or floral patterns is a perfect solution. In combination with beautiful stockings, for example those available at, it will create an unforgettable set, in which you will feel phenomenal.

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