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You can search in vain, especially among young people, for people who do not watch series. Virtually everyone has an item that inspired them, made them laugh or stirred up some other extreme emotion. However, there are cult productions that were created for women who are not afraid of challenges. Meet the series about the most feisty girls that will make you not stop thinking about them for a long time! See if you’ve seen any of them!

Girls power, or exceptional girls on the small screen

On various streaming platforms there is no shortage of great productions that are long in the memory of viewers, making them even cult. There are several items that every hit girl should watch. Here they are!


This series is compared to “Sex in the City” in the version for younger viewers. We will allow ourselves to disagree with this. “Girl” is a work about which much can be said, but certainly, apart from the location (the action also takes place in New York), it has little in common with “Sex in the City.”

The sophisticated, highly distinctive characters of young women who are just entering real adult life will delight anyone, regardless of age or gender. Admittedly, this item is considered to be aimed typically at ladies, but also conscious men who are not afraid of feminine energy will like it. There is a lot of feminism in it, but also of life failures and struggles with top-down social norms. 

The 3 unique heroines follow different paths and are definitely very different in character, but something makes them consciously choose their company. There are also a lot of absurd situations, but in which series do they not exist. It is also worth mentioning that this production has a lot of realism stripped of conventions. Gray, squalid apartments, cheap clothes and badly paid jobs, and on top of that, non-ideal heroines. The “Girls” series has a special place in the hearts of many women, and some even say it has changed them!


This is a brand new production, but it has already gained a mass of female followers. The picture we get to see is the life of a woman in her 30s who has a wonderful house in the suburbs. The main character has two children and a handsome husband, but something makes her unhappy.

Sound cliché? However, this is just the beginning. The woman has a sexual secret in the form of a former partner who has completely taken over her head. She transfers her memories into a virtual diary, and then it happens! Billy’s desires are on the brink, making it impossible for her to function normally. This innocent collection of thoughts completely changes her life, and she shows her crazy nature.

We point out that there are a lot of scenes of really good sex in the piece, shot with taste and full of conjecture, which further ignites the viewer’s imagination. The series holds you in suspense and excitement, thanks to great acting and a script based on the book. Interestingly, the story really happened!

The bold type

It is also worth mentioning this very modern series, which has delighted women around the world. However, it should be noted that it is the most detached from reality among those mentioned in our list.

Again, we meet 3 young women, this time they work in a dream editorial office and lead a high life. This, however, does not make problems go around them. Each of them has a different baggage of experiences, sexual preferences and career dreams. Surely their adventures should be an inspiration to the girls on how they should support each other, not judge each other’s choices and… go crazy until they drop! We guarantee that you will love this crazy trio, and you can get styling inspiration from them!

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