Dinner, party and night at Armani’s. Restaurants, hotels and clubs of the famous fashion house

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The fashion house Armani most of us associate with stunning clothing collections. In reality, it is a business empire that includes exclusive hotels, restaurants, clubs. This is the power of Armani.

Armani Hotels in Milan and Dubai – the quintessence of luxury

Not every fashionista realizes that Armani is more than just an Italian fashion house. There is a reason why Giorgio Armani’s empire is valued at almost 9 billion dollars! Apart from manufacturing high quality dresses and suits which are recognizable all over the world, the company has two exclusive hotels; one of them is located in the fashion capital of Milan and the other in Dubai, which has been extremely popular among tourists in recent years. It is worth mentioning that Armani Hotel Dubai in Burj Khalifa was recognized in 2016 as the most luxurious hotel in the whole world!

Armani Cafés and Restaurants – fine dining, chic and classy

Armani’s multi-billion dollar fortune also consists of numerous restaurants spread around the world. One of the most famous dining establishments is Armani Ristorante on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The Italian designer’s restaurants are known not only for their excellent quality food, but also for their impeccable service and beautiful decor. Giorgio Armani also has many cafes in Cannes, Milan, Dubai, Paris, Qatar, among others, which are always besieged by tourists.

Armani clubs – fantastic fun and the cream of society

Giorgio Armani is also the owner of exclusive Armani Prive night clubs in Dubai and Milan, visited by fun-loving crowds. In these places we can enjoy ourselves sipping sophisticated cocktails while listening to music mixed by world-famous DJs. In clubs there is a discreet atmosphere and the audience is carefully selected, so that each participant can feel safe. The clubs are open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and are frequented by celebrities and stars from many countries.

Armani furniture and accessories – interior design for the most demanding

The enterprising designer can also boast a luxury brand of furniture and decorative elements, Armani Casa, dedicated to aesthetes and lovers of the highest quality products. Armani furniture delights with noble materials. For their production, natural raw materials such as oak wood or high-quality leather are used. The exclusive upholstery fabrics used to finish the beds, sofas and chairs are the quintessence of Italian design at the world level.

Armani cosmetics and perfume complement the brand

One of the pillars of the Armani brand are the cosmetics and perfume lines which are very popular among consumers who like to surround themselves with luxury items. The iconic perfumes include Armani Acqua Di Gio, even though its launch was in 1996, the number of fans of this fragrance for men is still growing.

In conclusion, without a doubt, everything that Giorgio Armani touches turns to gold. Despite his old age, the Italian designer is still very active – he spends 11 hours every day at work, making sure that his fortune multiplies and the company grows on various levels.

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