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The 5 Best Concept Stores In The World

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A concept store is a marvelous blend of selling business and culture that features meticulously picked and curated product selections. The items in a concept store typically revolve around a theme, and it aims to cater specifically to a target audience. Concept stores are available in different fields such as homewares, beauty, and fashion. Since the stores prioritize experience and discovery in their idea, the handpicked products are swapped to tell the story in fascinating and unique ways. 

Are you ready to experience the thrill and attend to the saga of concept stores? Then, why not start with the best ones. Here we have curated a list of leading concept stores in the world that you should keep on your bucket list. Read on!

Top 5 concept stores around the world

Story, New York

If you want to see what a real concept store is, hit the story located in New York City. Every month the Story picks an issue or a theme around which the entire place is organized. Furthermore, with every theme, the story associates with relevant partners to enhance the experience for its visitors. For instance, “Have Fun” was a theme once selected by Story while Pepsi partnered with the store.

Colette, Paris

Opened in the year 1997, Colette, one of the best concept stores, continues to win the hearts of visitors from around the world. The place features the latest fashion, beauty, art, and technology, and every product in Collette is handpicked to cheer up the customers as well as remain ahead of the curve. You can also avail yourself of jewelry, accessories, music, exclusive DVDs, current high-technology gadgets, and more. 

KitKat Chocolatory, Sydney

KitKat Chocolatory is offering an incredible chocolate experience to customers in Sydney. Here visitors can create their break and curate a custom KitKat by choosing from more than 30,000 flavor combination options. KitKat, through this concept store, intends to enrich the experience by involving hospitality. The popularity of the store is consistently surging, which led the KitKat administration to introduce timed ticketing set up to manage the visitor traffic. 

H&M Looop, Stockholm

H7M Looop is a proud trailblazer that turns unwanted and old raiments into new ones right in front of the customers. H&M, a global fashion retailer, drive this incredible eco-friendly concept store. In the Looop system, garments brought by visitors are shredded whose fiber is used to create a look-alike piece. Furthermore, you can relish the experience in just 10 Euros!

5. Asda Sustainability Store, Leeds

These days everyone is looking forward to preferring brands that are inciting the least negative impacts on the ecosystem and even make it easier for the customers to look after it. And Asda from Leeds emerges as such brand that upholds a motto of sustainability and dedicates itself to it. The endeavors of the store, has been estimated to save more than 1 million plastic pieces every year. And, yeah, that too without hiking the prices for its visitors. The place features refill stops that re-use the containers for different items like washing detergent, beauty items, cereals, etc. 

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